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Looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly and conservative of nature is one of the leading concerns facing the world today. More television shows are featuring programming that educates viewers on environmental issues. They are modeled after the latest trends and climate data. With eco-friendly is becoming a way of life more than a fad in recent times, there are also shows that are dedicated to nature. If you are interested in this subject, these shows may help entertain and enlighten you on the perils facing our planet.

Storm Chasers

It's human nature to be interested in the storms that ravage the Earth, causing damage. Scientists have dedicated their lives to determining how these storms form, why they form and how they can accurately predict them. Storm Chasers is a show on the Discovery Channel that chronicles the adventures of the scientists who spend their time in the thick of the storms in an attempt to learn as much as possible about them. This show is filled with excitement and a sense of danger. Discovery Channel is a cable-access only channel, but you can find great Directtv deals in your area.

Strange Days on Planet Earth

Everyone can see that the world is changing. There are climate changes, increased pollution and many other environmental changes. Strange Days on Planet Earth, a National Geographic series, strives to provide viewers with greater insight into the environmental impact of life on this planet. The primary goal of this show, which airs on PBS, is to educate individuals on what is going on and how they can take steps to change their own impact on the environment.

John Denver: Let This Be a Voice

John Denver may have been a songwriter, but he was also a dedicated conservationist. These ideals were expressed through his music, as well as the legacy he left behind. John Denver: Let This Be a Voice is a PBS television show that discussed the natural wonders that appeared in John Denver's songs. This show explores the American West and offers insight into the amazing wonders that exist in this country.

NOVA: World in the Balance

If you are looking for great nature-based shows, NOVA on PBS can be the ideal option. NOVA: World in the Balance is a show that highlights the changing population of the world. Having passed seven million humans, population growth has attributed to many of the problems the Earth is experiencing, including increased pollution and food shortages. This show discusses the population growth and its impact on the world.

Gorilla in the Greenhouse

Even children can benefit from learning about the environment and the issues that exist. If you want to give your children a kid-friendly show that discusses these topics, Gorilla in the Greenhouse is a great option. This animated show talks about real environmental issues and how kids can pitch in to help resolve these issues. Old episodes of this show are available on YouTube.

The environment has changed drastically over the years. If you look at the climate and other aspects of the planet years ago, you will see there have been severe changes that impact life on this planet. There are many shows that can detail these changes and talk about ways individuals can do their part to help. Whether you watch these shows or find others, you can learn a lot about the environment, just by turning on your television.

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Ideally, this multi-purpose seedling raiser / food dehydrator can be manufactured from easily sourced material that you may have on hand or sourced from local recycling areas.

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DIY Solar Food Dehydrator http://ecobites.com/diy-recycling-projects/712-diy-solar-food-dehydrator http://ecobites.com/diy-recycling-projects/712-diy-solar-food-dehydrator dried_berries-sultanas_320px.jpgThis is simple to make. Made from two cardboard boxes (or even timber), some clear plastic wrap, and a little tape and you can build an inexpensive solar dehydrator. A functional food preservation machine that can be created for little work and little money.

Using the illustration as a guide, use a long thin cardboard box for the collector and a taller cardboard box to be used for drying.


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